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Hi there,

Some of you were wondering how the food is and what I’m eating. Quite an interesting question where I didn’t had a clue either, before I came up here. So here is a small story regarding food.

Just recently it became very cold and today I had a look at the weather station and noticed it was -20,2 degrees. At 6 o’clock in the morning there is no place to go for breakfast other than eat breakfast at home. In order to get some I need to do grocery shopping in the nearby supermarket. It is a 10 minute walk away from the Icehotel and basically has everything. This is no different then in the Netherlands, except how to dress warm to do some shopping. This is actually how I went to the store yesterday 🙂 Whahahaha


I usually start the day with a coffee, some ham and cheese sandwiches and of course Knäckebröd! Next stop: Work!

During lunch an excellent meal is served. Right across the street is a restaurant where we have our lunch. Untill this week, we could eat in the normal restaurant itself where a nice buffet was set-up with a warm meal.

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As of this week, groups of visitors are coming in to get a tour at the Icehotel and lunch in the restaurant. Therefor we have moved downstairs, which I think is the bar (which is great), to have our lunch. Every day we have something different main course to eat. Next to the salad bar, Knäckebröd/bread we have a hot meal. This can be something traditional Swedisch food like ‘Isterband’ or some more common recipies with fish, meat, veggies, potatoe, rice etc. After a morning of hard work out in the cold, it is always a great joy to go for lunch. The only downside is that after having a full belly and warmed up a bit, I could really (and I mean really) go for a nap. Unfortunetly no time to sleep…. There is an Icehotel waiting to be build!

Foto 09-12-14 11 21 57


I learned it is quite common to have 2 hot meals a day in Sweden and for dinner I’m also welcomeallowed to eat at the restaurant. So far I haven’t really done so and usually I just eat something in my cabin. Unfortunetly I have only a microwave in my kitchen so I can’t do any cooking in the cabin. That’s why for me, dinner is pretty similar as breakfast most of the time. Which is perfect for me and as a bonus, I don’t have to go out into the cold anymore.


And one more thing… I’m became addicted to M&M’s lately and now trying to kick the habit 😉 Hahahaha.

See you next blog!

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