Store visit Joe Merino

Today I had a great start of the weekend. Although it was saturday and I had to set my alarm, I was excited to jump out of bed this morning. This is because I was invited to come over to the Joe Merino concept store in Amsterdam.

My girlfriend was almost as excited as I was and she decided to come along. We drove over there this morning and received a very warm welcome. While drinking coffee we shared stories regarding me, my adventure and Joe Merino. Once we got to know each other a bit better and some more background information was known regarding the environment, the store manager announced Joe Merino is willing to give me their support. Totally awesome!!

After trying on some amazing sweaters we found a perfect fit and determined my size. Joe Merino will look into available products that are useful for my adventure. Somewhere next week we will get in contact again and to find out what Joe Merino is able to do for me. So stay tuned for more info and pictures af course!

Curious about Joe Merino? Go to the store (recommended) or have a look online:


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