About is an initiative from the Retail Trade Group B.V. (“RTG”). This retailorganisation founded in 2003 has a lot of experience in accessories and time after time identifies the right product to market. Bags from Vaude are one of those excellent products. This webshop addresses the rapidly growing need for online shoppers to simply buy from their home. Next to the webshop in april 2010 they bought a store in Amsterdam called ‘T Buideltje. The store opened in 1958 and is one of the oldest tores located in the Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam!

*The “VAUDE ecosystem” maintains an ecological eye on production from the very start; beginning with product development & manufacturing, and following through to include the use and recycling of the products as well. VAUDE is the first outdoor company to become EMAS certified and a member of the stringent bluesign® environmental standard.

Please visit their webshop or simply walk in to their store to get one of the best bags in the world:


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