About Poederbaas:

“Chase your dreams, Enjoy Poederbaas!”

Are you bored of the basic fashion of larger brands? Do you like to create your own signature in your lifestyle? Than you’ve got the same feeling like us. Before we actually founded Poederbaas we did already crochet our own beanies. We were quite bored of the larger brands and wanted to be different than others. While being on a roadtrip in the Swiss and French Alps in January 2010 Stenmar showed us his creations. “WOW, what’s that?” we asked him. “Poederbaas beanies! You know I always call you guys my Poederbaas friends (translated as Powderfriends).”

One minute after, Poederbaas was born. We decided to sell a couple of the handmade beanies while teaching in France the next week. It did actually work! Three months after we took about 60 beanies in our backpacks to Val Thorens (France) and even those were sold within a few days. Soon we created a website, went to the Chamber of Commerce to be official, created a collection of new beanies, opened a Facebook page, etc.

Now we are a well-known Dutch brand and we even sell our products throughout Europe. Recently we launched the Poederbaas Caps line and meanwhile we are working on more products. It’s just a matter of time…

Please visit their website to be amazed with the coolest beanies and much more…..