Joe Merino


About Joe Merino:

How it all began
Pullovers aplenty. Yet none of them was perfect. Either the fit was wrong, or the fabric unpleasant. Or they lost their shape, or faded. Not to mention pilling. And when we found a pullover that ticked all the right boxes, it cost the earth. 

There has to be a better way, we thought. So we went in search of the perfect pullover. 

Developing the perfect pullover.
We absolutely wanted the best fabric, the best design and the best knitter. We researched every inch of the way. And following an extensive search and numerous tests we did it: 

JOE MERINO, the perfect pullover:
The best material: Wool is wool, we hear you say. But wool comes in many different qualities. We chose wool from the Merino sheep because this wool has so many unique qualities: it is soft and not itchy. We found the best Merino wool (extra fine quality) in Australia. This wool is luxuriously soft, pill-resistant and machine washable (woollens program). And – very important to us – the sheep are sheared humanely.

– The best fit: Our pullover is just a bit tailored, giving it that edgy fit. Nipped at the waist, as we say. And that fit holds: we guarantee you this sweater won’t lose its shape.

– The best wearing comfort: Merino wool regulates temperature by absorbing heat and moisture. Our pullover keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot.

– The best knitter: In China we found the perfect knitter. Charles Xu and his team have a passion for knitting. For over 30 years they have been knitting for renowned brands like Armani, Cavalli and Valentino. And now also for JOE MERINO. And like us, Xu wants his people to work under the best conditions possible.

– The best price: Last but not least, at Joe Merino you always have a good deal, ‘Buy more Save more’ 1 Joe V-neck for €97, 2 for 180 and 3 for €250.

In short, JOE MERINO is the perfect pullover. And the perfect pullover of course comes in a huge variety of colours (50, no less!). With perfect service, including full money back guarantee. Whatever, whenever.

We believe in this pullover. But don’t take our word for it: try it for yourself!

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