About Girav

At Girav, we know first-hand how difficult it is to find T-shirts for tall guys, even in today’s world of amazing online possibilities. The long road you’ve walked often come to a dead end: T-shirts that are long enough are still too wide, or they’re the right width but just too short. Or they’re the perfect fit, but so out of fashion! Well, some guys might settle for second best, but here at Girav we had to do something about it!


What’s the point of making long T-shirts and extra-long T-shirts if, after a few washes, the extra length and all shape is lost?

Quality is a real must for long shirts and for the guys wearing them, which is why we’ve deliberately selected the finest American cotton to create a tightly spun, strong fabric for our tall T-shirts. What’s more, the fabric is pre-washed and pre-shrunk to give the T-shirts a soft and comfortable feel that’s sure to last. Our men’s long T-shirts and long polo shirts are manufactured in Turkey with extra care by an experienced team of people in leading sustainable factories.

The result is a collection of long shirts that’s strong, fashionable and made to measure every man over 6 feet (1.85m) tall. Check out our online catalogue and order your tall T-shirt or polo shirt easily online.

Have a look at their site and I know you will find a shirt which will fit you perfectly!