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Thank you for your interest and visiting my sponsor page.

Let me welcome you and explain a bit more why I’m looking for sponsors.

For years I have been thinking about the awesomeness of the Icehotel and how cool it would be to be part of this extraordinary build. Almost instantly it triggered numerous of reasons why this could never happen.

For me the main excuses not to turn this dream into reality were;

  • No time
  • No money
  • Not skilled / talented enough

Thanks to my great employer, eBay Inc. all of a sudden I realized I do have time. Let me explain why. One of our company benefits is the sabbatical program. This basically comes down to a month of paid leave, for every 5 years in the company. Since I’ve started working for eBay roughly 10 years ago, I’m eligable to take a month of paid leave. So all of a sudden I have 4 weeks to fill. There goes my excuse for not having time to be able to go make this happen.

But how to become part of this build? Well, this turned out less difficult then expected, thanks to the amazing team working for the Icehotel. In August 2013 I decided to take action and found the contact details of someone working for the Icehotel. I simply reached out via e-mail explaining who I am and described my dream. He was kind enough to forward my mail and thing just sorted itself out from there. Before I knew it we got an agreement and currently all details have been discussed. My last steps are to book tickets and collect my gear. So even with my limited skills and no experience I’m still able to participate and add value to build hotel number 25!

The last barrier, regarding funds is the least challenging. But since I got this far, I decided to up the ante. Why not try to proof that making dreams come true is NOT about money, but putting time and energy into it!!

To achieve this goal, I plan to reach out to sponsors how are willing to help me out. The hotel is built in jukkasjarvi, all the way up in the North of Sweden. I will work in temperatures way below the freezing point in snowy conditions for a month and I’m in need for gear to work and live in. So I decided to be a bit bold here and just simply reach out to the coolest brands in the world to, who might be willing to sponsor me. For example with some thermos underclothes/jacket/trousers/gloves or whatever else you can think of.

So far I have got support from the Icehotel of course by travel funds and accomodation. By now a lot of important contributors have given me their support. I’m really happy getting this all these great brands to help me out with my exceptional project, so a big THANK YOU to O’Neill, Kipling, The Icehotel, Poederbaas, X-Socks and my most recent sponsors Girav and Zeal optics!

Really looking forward to hear from you if you are willing to help me out!! 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me via the following link: http://joffrybrusse.nl/contact-me/

6 reacties op “Sponsor page Icehotel
  1. Henri zegt:

    Goed gedaan jochie, als je wat nodig hebt hoor ik het wel

  2. Caspar zegt:

    Ey Joff,

    Goed bezig hoor. Hoop dat je straks sponsors te over hebt!


  3. Kiona zegt:

    Super goed bezig broertje, ik ben super trots op je! En als ik iets kan sponseren let me know!

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