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Hi There,

I did it!! I went on the snowmobile tour and it was extremely cool. After a day of hard labour, last tuesday it was time for some fun stuff. After work we went over to the reception of the Icehotel to check if there were any available spots on the evening tour. We were lucky and not all snowmobiles were booked, so we could go! The reason why we are being lucky is that the activities are for free for staff of the Icehotel. But you can only go on an activity if there are open spots available. This is because of the fact that tourists will get priority of course.

We had to show up at the meeting point at 18.45 to get dressed up. Since I was fortunate enough I got my gear thanks to my sponsors I was already geared up and ready to go:


The first half of the tour I got on a snowmobile together with Kalle. We went out and started the tour on the River Thorne (which is fully frozen). It was impressive to ride these machines and to discover the power that’s in them. A nice acceleration and topspeed over 100 kilometers per hour. During the tour we had plenty of stops where the guide explained something about the nature, wildlife, history, northern lights and myths. We used these stops to switch places so we could take turns in who’s driving. After a while we came into the woods, and it was magical. Nature at it’s best. It was soo quiet, white and beautiful. I tried to make a movie (for best grip, I didn’t held my phone in the best position, sorry).

There was also some time to relax and chill:



At 2/3rd of the trip we stopped and arrived at a small cabin in the woods. A lovely small place where we got in to get some late night dinner. We had some great food and warm lingberry juice. As desert some tasty blueberry cake and a coffee. After we stuffed our belly’s with the delicious food we continued our trip. We arranged to swap snowmobiles and I got to ride one on my own. Excellent if you want to play and really experience riding one of those machines. Going on- and off- track, high speed, low speed, etc. Great fun!


So in the end I have to conclude that another epic adventure is completed, thanks to the Icehotel, Zealoptics, Hanwag, O’Neill, Topsnowshop, Xsocks, ThirtyTwo, REV’IT! and Nilton.

If you ever get the change to go on a tour like this, I highly recommend it!! Just go for it!!

I’m out! Peace


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  1. Nils zegt:

    Heel dik allemaal Jof!

    Als je kan gaan voor de beste sabbatical of the year award heb je een stem!

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