Saturday snow fun

Hi There,

After a long week of hard work, finally the weekend had started. But before I go into that, let me start this post looking back at my night in the Icehotel. As written in my last blog, last Thursday I spend the night in the Icehotel. Together with my collegues, Therese and Gabriel, we went to the hotelaround 22.00 o’clock. We brought some warm ‘glögg’ and went over to the dressing room to pick up our sleepingbags. We could choose whatever room we wanted and I picked my favorite room:


I had an amazing-once-in-a-lifetime night and it was truly a magical night. Too bad I had to get up real early to start work friday morning. So when my alarm started beeping at 06.00, I can tell you that once you’re awake and have unzipped the sleepingbag, you definetly want to get up 😉 Coooooooolllldddddd.

After waking up the others we had a nice breakfast with bacon and eggs. At 07.00 hrs the whole building team gathered behind the workshop for some warm morning glögg. After a long day at work, the moment was there! Opening night of Icehotel #25! (I will write about it in a seperate post).

For now we skip to saturday morning. Kalle and Gabriel woke me up really early and we went to check out some dogsled activity outside. It wasn’t too cold and we hung out by the river waiting for the dogsleds to arrive. They were out on a trip with some tourists and expected to return shortly. When they brought back the tourists it was time for us to hop on. Kalle had aranged us a trip to bring the dogs back home.



It was very cool to travel over the ice. It is really fun to see the dogs being so excited and having so much energy. When they are standing still they play around and bark a lot. But once the trip starts, they are totally silent and it is very impressive to see their strength and energy. We glided over the river Thorne and it was a very comfortable trip. When we reached the other side we needed to go up the hill and I got to stand behind the sled and help pushing the sled upwards. When we arrived at their place, there were a 100 more dogs. In total the guy owned a 130 dogs!! I’ve filmed a small part of the trip (16 seconds):

On arrival we thanked the guys and said goodbye to the doggies to begin our long walk back. It was a nice little hike and we simply enjoyed the nature, the cold, the clean air and the pretty white landscape. We even enjoyed some outdoor rest and recreation, thanks to the thermoflask with coffee I brought:



It was a great day and we finished strong by eating pizza and watched a movie. Unfortunetly today I had to work again so the weekend was short but good!

So I can cross the dogsledding goal from my ‘to-do-list’.
Next goal: Ride the snowmobiles!!

See you later!

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4 reacties op “Saturday snow fun
  1. David zegt:

    Great to hear it’s going along well, certainly jealous of the dog sled ride that is one of my items to do when I get around to travelling up that way to see the Northern lights

    • Joffry zegt:

      Yo D,

      You should, it is definetly worth it! The dogsled, the nature, the weather AND the norternlight are all amazing on it’s own. Imagine combining it into 1 trip!


  2. Tias zegt:

    Geweldig om te zien dat je het erg naar je zin hebt. Je mag beina weer naar huis, dus geniet nog even extra. En neem een klontje voor mij mee! 😉

    • Joffry zegt:

      Hi Tias,

      Ik MOET weer naar huis….. Ik kan hier nog wel een paar weken langer blijven als het aan mij ligt, haha. Maar ik geniet volop, het is echt prachtig hier. Ik doe mijn best om sneeuw en ijs mee te nemen, maar kon wel eens knap lastig worden.

      Jof –

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