The Northernlight rooms

Hi There,

Today a small story of my whereabouts this week. Over the past few days we have been working on the northernlight rooms. Although we are no real artists, we do get the opportunity to build multiple theme-rooms and get creative.

Last week a lot of work was done on the snowrooms. These rooms are the most basic and simple in the Icehotel. It is a beautiful room completly plain and pretty white by the snow.


This week a lot of work is done in the Northernlight rooms. These rooms require a bit more design work, which is really fun to do. It starts with a basic room, which needs repairs to all the cracks and dents and a lot of hours of polishing on the white walls and ceiling. After this is done, we start building a wall along the edges. The idea is that there will be lights shining from the ground up, against the curved wall in different colors (just like the northern light). These lights need to be hidden and therefor we create the wall.


After a solid wall is put into place, we start shaping the wall into a wavy form to give it sort of a mountain look. This require a lot of chainsaw cuts, sanding, scraping and polishing. It is really fun to do and it is very satisfying work where you get immediate result from the effort you put into it.


We try to build the rooms in reams and I worked together with Gabriel. We are almost done with one room where Gabriel is working on the last piece. Currently decorative blocks of ice are being put into place and a bed needs to be made. After this, the room will be finished and we will continue working on the next one. There will be a whole bunch of these rooms so a lot of people will enjoy this.


So after this there is one more photo to share which is the final result. Hopefully tomorrow or friday at latest I will share this with you. This is most likely the room where I will spend the night in somewhere next week 🙂 Really looking forward to that!!

Signing of for now, see you soon for my next post!

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5 reacties op “The Northernlight rooms
  1. caspar zegt:

    Wat is de temperatuur in zo’n kamer?
    Volgens mij krimpt alles daar. 😉

  2. Annelie zegt:

    Hey Jof! Heerlijk zaterdagochtend-leesvoer! En super goed dat je het zo naar je zin hebt. Wordt er ook nog een beetje jagermeister gedronken? 😉 Werkse en genietse verder!

    • Joffry zegt:

      Hi Annelie,

      Blij te horen dat je mijn verhaaltjes leuk vind 🙂
      Er wordt hier zeker nog een beetje jagermeister gedronken. Gister hadden we een feestje en ik had nog een litertje meegenomen. Deze was binnen no-time op, maar toch…. hahaha.

      Nog maar 2 weekjes en dan moet ik alweer naar huis. Drinken we daar weer een jagermeistertje?

      • Annelie zegt:

        Wow, gaat het zo snel ja? Nog maar twee weken? Jarno zegt dat ie heel graag weer jagermeisters wil gaan drinken omdat ie het zo lekker vond 😉 en ik sluit me daar he-le-maal bij aan, dus count us in! 🙂 Tot snel!!!

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