Travel details


Tickets are booked!!! Oh boy, it wasn’t easy to find a flight that isn’t over expensive or extremely time consuming. So let me start explaining where I come from and need to go to.

I live in Amsterdam and as you can guess by now, plan to travel to the Icehotel in Sweden. The Icehotel is build in a small village called Jukkasjärvi. In a perfect world I would hop on a plain fly straight to Jukkasjärvi and start building. But reality is a bit different as you can imagine.

30 Kilometers away from Jukkasjärvi is an airport in the city called Kiruna. is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland. It had 18,500 inhabitants in and is the seat of Kiruna Municipality in Norrbotten County.

The area in which the city was built shares a long history with the indigenous Sami people dating back at least 6,000 years of evident settlement. The city of Kiruna was founded in 1900 and quickly became an important seat for iron ore extraction and mining industry in Sweden. During World War II, large quantities of iron were transported from Kiruna by rail to the east coast, and further down to be sold to Germany.

Esrange Space Center was established in Kiruna in 1964 and is one of only two spaceports under direct control by the European Space Agency. Also in Kiruna are the Institute of Space Physics and the Department of Space Science belonging to Luleå University of Technology.

Kiruna is a popular travel destination for both Swedish and international tourists, mostly because of its world famous Icehotel. The northern location makes it a good place to observe the midnight sun and northern lights.

So my flight destination is clearly Kiruna. Unfortunately there are only national flights available to Kiruna. Therefor I first need to fly to Stockholm to get on the plane to Kiruna. Now here lies the big challenge. To find a flight from Amsterdam (Schiphol airport) to Stockholm with enough layover time required to catch the connecting flight to Kiruna is nearly impossible or not practical. Either I have to start my journey real early and wait for several hours in Stockholm airport (not to mention prices) or have to spend the night to catch the first flight in the next morning.

So to make this trip more efficient, although it sounds like the opposite, I will first fly to Oslo. This will allow me to fly on decent times, lower the amount of hours I would have to spend on the airport and arrive within the same day at Kiruna. Yeah!!

Going back was a lot easier (thank god!). As described earlier, of course I need to use the national flight to get from Kiruna to Stocholm. Layover time required to catch the connecting flight to Amsterdam is perfect this time so no issues here.

So the schedule is:
From Amsterdam –> To Kopenhagen –> To Stockholm –> To Kiruna. (8 hours)
From Kiruna –> To Stockholm –> To Amsterdam (4,5 hours)

In total I only had to spend €450,- on flight tickets. So all in all I’m really happy this is sorted and I all set! Jukkasjärvi HERE I COME!!;f=AMS;t=KRN;d=2014-11-20;r=2014-12-20;q=schiphol+kiruna