First week in Jukkasjarvi

Dear all,

Sorry for not blogging earlier. I had some technical issues which prevented me to write about my adventure. Last Monday my journey begun and I departed from Amsterdam Schiphol to Kopenhagen, Denmark. After a pleasant flight, my next stop was Stockholm, Sweden where I had just enough time to get me a nice dinner. In Stockholm I had to transfer to my last flight and boarded the plain to Kiruna. I arrived in a totally different world in Kiruna. I went from a normal Dutch pleasant temperature to a winter wonderland.


At the Airport someone was waiting for me to pick me up to drive me to my final destination: Jukkasjarvi. I’ve got a great cottage located next to the building site of the Icehotel. It’s a small wooden cottage, for me alone and with all modern commodities. When walking inside I was gladly surprised it was nice and warm and therefor I decided to quickly unpack my suitcase before going to bed.

(My house is the one on the right)

My street

My street

I received a memo to call the manager of the build around 09.30 the next morning. After I contacted him, we discussed where to meet and after introductions, I was given a small tour around the property and received all neccesary items I would need for my work. As part of the building team I finally got to work at around 10.30 last tuesday. Yaaaaay!!

The team I work with are all Swedish and it’s a really nice group of people. They started a few weeks ago and big parts of the exterior are already done. This is a bonus so I can spend most of my time working from insidde the hotel. In here there is no wind and a steady temperature of -5 degrees. I still have difficulties in deciding what to wear. I’m constantly putting my jacket on and off during work. I must say doing some physical work will still make you sweat, even at -5 degrees.

At work

At work

Workdays start at 07.00 hrs in the morning. This means I have to set my alarm at 06.00 o’clock. This is something I’m so not used to (and good at), but hey….. This isn’t a holiday, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So no complaining here.

After our morning meeting @ 07.00 we get to work for 2 hours. At 09.00 it is time for ‘fika’. This is what they call a coffeebreak in Sweden. This is a welcome opportunity to regain some energy and get warm hands. After fika we continue work untill eleven where we get a great lunch in the restaurant directly across the street. We have a nice warm meal, with excellent food. Fish, meat, potaties, veggies, bread and desert. They have it all!!

The afternoon the same story repeats itselfs as in the morning. Work, fika at 2 o’clock, work and then end the day around 4 o’clock. By then it is already dark and we enjoy the last glimpses of the sun here in Jukkasjarvi. Not long from now, we will still have daylight, but the sun is not rising above the mountain anymore. So I’ll wave it goodbye and will not see it before the 23rd of December I guess.

Sunset Jukkasjarvi

Sunset Jukkasjarvi

That’s it for now. I’ll add more posts and pictures soon!!

Jof –

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4 reacties op “First week in Jukkasjarvi
  1. Wim zegt:


    Mooi verhaal, veel succes, veel moed….
    Leuk om dit te volgen !!
    Gr Wim

  2. Marijke en Jetty zegt:

    Lieve Joffry,

    Marijke en ik (Jetty) zitten achter de laptop om jouw blog te bekijken en de oh’s en de ah’s vliegen over tafel!!
    Super om te zien waar je mee bezig bent.
    Nu even als 2 bezorgde moeders “wel een muts opdoen als je buiten bent”.
    Marijke is hier aan het logeren omdat wij gister de party van Hanneke hadden, we hebben uitgebreid gevierd dat zij 30 is geworden.
    Marijke miste Char wel erg gister avond maar die is al op de helft dus aftellen voor haar!!
    Zet h’m op en nog heel veel plezier!!
    Veel liefs, Jetty en Marijke

    • Joffry zegt:

      Hi Jetty en Marijke 🙂
      Wat leuk dat jullie even mijn site hebben zitten bekijken.
      Jetty, jij ook nog van harte met je dochters 30ste verjaardag natuurlijk!!
      Ik draag elke dag een muts als ik naar buiten ga. Het is veel te koud zonder muts, haha.

      Dank je voor jullie leuke berichtje en goede wensen.

      Groetjes en tot snel!

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