Building an Icehotel

Today my 2nd week started here in Jukkasjarvi and as usual my alarm went of at 06.00! I still can’t get used to it! As I started my workday, we continued working on the ‘Northern light’ rooms. Together with my team we will build a number of Northern Light rooms that needs to be finished before the 12th of December.


This deadline is pretty solid since by then the first guests will arrive. Note that we aren’t done building yet and continue after the opening. But having the first part of the Icehotel fully done, why not open it to be able to provide the unique experience to as much people as possible.

As I just started working on polishing a doorway I was asked to help out in the dome. The dome is a gigantic structure of ice, shaped like an egg. By inflating a balloon and continiously spraying water on top of it, an amazing ice bowl emerged. In this structure the Ice bar is going to be build. By now the ice was thick enough and the baloon was deflated. Still more water is applied on top of it to make the walls a bit bigger as they currently are to make it stronger.

Before the Ice bar building team could start, this balloon had to be taken out. It sounds easy, but all the ropes that initially put the balloon into place, were frozen solid into the walls and the bottom of the balloon was frozen to the floor. It took us all morning to cut the ropes using chissels and crowbars, and finally in the afternoon it was pulled out. This made the Ice bar building team very happy since they wanted to start a week ago and now they finally can.




After lunch I finally got the change to continue working on the Northern Light room, but not for long…. After a short while the casting team needed help fixing the roof. Before the weekend they casted a tunnel. This means a mold is set in place and covered with snow. As I learned today, this is not only a matter of covering the mold with snow and done. The amount of snow on top of it is very important. If it is too little, the structure becomes unstable and sunlight will shine through. If there is too much snow, bulbs will emerge in the inside due to pressure. On top of that, it has to be in a round smooth shape in order to reflect the sun as much as possible. This will keep the structure from melting by the sun. After working outside on the roof for several hours, moving snow and enjoying an amazing view, it was time to cover the ending side with snow. I got over on the edge and caught snow being thrown over and applied it to cover the mold. Even though I was very cautious at a certain point the snow under my feet started to move and whoooooosh!
As of that moment I can consider myself to be in a special and small selection of builders who fell of the roof! I slid down and fell a few meters before hitting the ground. Luckily due to our previous covering of the mold, a lot of snow felt down already and tehre was a nice pile of snow that was waiting for me. My landing was very soft (and cold) and I didn’t got injured. Looking at it now, it was quite funny actually.



We finished the work outside on the roof today so hopefully tommorow I have a nice calm day working on the rooms inside the Icehotel.

Bye for now and I’ll blog again later this week.

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4 reacties op “Building an Icehotel
  1. Henri zegt:

    Goed werk jongen, en gelukkig man keer je niks door je val.
    Groet en tot de volgende uitleg.

  2. Yari zegt:

    vervelend dat jullie steeds op de kop moeten werken, wel een uitdaging en zachte landing!

  3. caspar zegt:

    Ik krijg het koud van het lezen van je stories.

    Blikven schrijven, erg vermakelijk.

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